Gamma/ SC X Andis blade STRETCH bracket select models

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This STRETCH modified bracket/blade slide allows you to use your Andis masters blade(s) on your Gamma clippers with further lever extension ( open to a 1) this comes with a cam follower to use your Andis cutting blade with your still blade 

(Gamma/Style Craft Alpha, Gamma/Style Craft protege, Gamma/ Style Craft Rebel/Boosted- no Ergo models, Instincts, Sabers, Mythics etc. Please use Andis Masters blade screws. The bracket slides on like any other bracket, and it aligns with the Andis blade hole format.

Please email for trouble shooting with your modifications or visit YouTube @ Philthy Blendz for video instructions

Philthy Blendz is not affiliated with Wahl or Andis clipper companies. They are two separate corporations.