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StyleCraft S|C Instinct professional Vector Motor Cordless Trimmer With Torque Control

  • professional vector motor runs 9,500 strokes per minute. optimized for bulk removing with no snagging or pulling.
  • intuitive torque control detects resistance and adjusts torque
  • Black Dimond carbon DLC x-pro wide fixed blade and the one black deep tooth cutting blade for the sharpest cuts.
  • Li battery with 4 hours run time and 2 hour charge time
  • Micro -USB for wide range use
  • fully adjustable zero gap blade for closest cut and finish
  • open skeleton 360 degree design to expose the blade for cooler operation, better sight, and enhanced precision.
  • compact design, light weight, 3 body colors
  • includes 8 white magnetic guards set, stretch bracket, Micro-usb cord, charge stand, cleaning and Maintance kit.
  • included trimmer and blade, charging stand, Maintance and cleaning kit.