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Wahl X Andis Blade Modification Bracket


Update: Please use medium loctite on the lever screw when installing bracket. Please allow to dry for 30 mins or 24 hours. This will ensure your lever doesn’t become loose or cause the blade to shift.

This modified bracket/blade slide allows you to use your Andis masters blade(s) on your Wahl clippers ANY WAHL CLIPPER!  (most kemei, Gamma/Style Craft Alpha, Gamma/Style Craft protege,and Gamma/Style craft Ergo) Please use Andis Masters blade screws. The bracket slides on like any other bracket, and it aligns with the Andis blade hole format. You can use your Wahl cutting blade (moving blade) and the top blade (still blade) from Andis. Please do not use the staggered tooth cutting blade because it snags.  

 If you want the cam follower to use your Andis cutter blade as well, it’s located below as an add on- (will work on Gamma Alpha) If you want it to open to a 1, please purchase washer  

Please email for trouble shooting with your modifications or visit YouTube @ Philthy Blendz for video instructions 

Philthy Blendz is not affiliated with Wahl or Andis clipper companies. They are two separate corporations.