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Wahl X Oster Blade Bracket & Oster Cam kit

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Here is the bracket to fit your oster blades (Still blade and Cutting blade) onto your Wahl / Gamma clippers. This comes with your cam follower that allows you to use your Oster fast feed cutting blade, and bracket to use your still blade. Any tooth cutter and still blade will work. Will zero gap with ease. Certain Gamma/Style Craft models (Alpha, Protege, Rebel) . Simply slide this bracket on, put your lever on, and put your oster fast feed blades/screws on and start cutting. Ceramic won’t work, only Oster metal cutters. Please use Oster screws.  Oster Screws sold separately 

This product is not 3D printed, it is injection molded in a clipper factory. This will not melt, break or wear out due to the quality material we use in our process  

Philthy Blendz is not affiliated with Wahl Andis or Oster clipper companies. They are three separate corporations