StyleCraft Precision Saber Trimmer Cordless Digital Brushless Motor Metal Trimmer

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StyleCraft Precision Saber Trimmer Cordless Digital Brushless Motor Metal Trimmer (SC403BP)

Experience the new gold standard with the Precision Saber professional brushless motor hair trimmer. This new trimmer has a quality metal body that is whisper-quiet and low vibration. The high torque brushless motor has low vibration and runs at 7,500 RPMs offering more power with efficient, quiet hair cutting. Unlike other hair trimmers, the Precision Saber trimmer has a sleek and modern slim tapered design with a full metal super durable body, that incredibly only weighs in at 3.5 ounces offering the ultimate in comfort and agility.

Assembled with a Premium X-Pro Precision Blade fixed blade which ideal for sensitive skin. “The One” Black Diamond Carbon deep tooth cutting blade for crunchiest, smoothest cutting with no pulling or snagging. Totally rechargeable for corded or cordless use with a universal micro-USB cord and charging stand included in the box. The Lithium-ion battery offers an outstanding 4-hours of continued run-time and is fully recharged in just 90-minutes.

For the Saber this is just the beginning of the features and benefits, touting a 4-hour cordless run-time and micro-USB port, it is a game changer in the shop, salon, at home, and on the go. The digital brushless motor offers a power transfer that results in smoother operation and reduction of heat. Once powered on, the front LED light button will glow blue with all its glory. Simply push again to deactivate the digital brushless motor.  The smaller skeleton-style axis design provides a better sightline and ultra-precise cutting.

Features & Benefits:

Long-life digital brushless motor runs at 7,500 rpms for more whisper quiet and efficient power transfer for smooth operation and reduction of heat
Assembled premium Gold Titanium X-Pro Precision fixed blade and DLC "The One" cutting blade for super- fine detail work
Lithium-ion battery delivers 4-hours cordless run-time with a 90-minute rapid recharge, can be used corded or cordless
Fully adjustable zero gap blade for the closest cut and finish
Universal Micro-USB rechargeable and charging stand for convenience and worldwide use
Heavy metal full metal body and skeleton design exposes the blade for 360° of visibility
Engineered and designed in the USA
  • Trimmer
  • Gold Titanium X-Pro Precision fixed blade
  • The One Black Diamond Carbon DLC moving blade
  • Blade cap
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • Charging stand
  • Mini screwdriver
  • Cleaning & maintenance kit